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What are Binaural Beats

What are Binaural Beats

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Binaural Beats are a type of sound-wave therapy also known as brain entertainment. Binauarl beats are used to help such issues as headaches, concentration, hormonal development and meditation.   Binaural beats range from the lowest to the highest hertz (Hz) that are audible on either side of the auditory hemisphere of the brain. The science behind the beats is that they have different frequencies in the left ear and right ear for our brain to adjust to for the target tone. Other forms of Brain Entrainment: Isocronic Beats - These are the pure tones. For example one tone of 243(Hz) will be one tone, almost as if you are taking a hearing test at the doctor office. These can be beneficial for things that we do on a regular basis since it does not take the mind much effort to process

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