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What is Spiritual Balance and Life Balance?

What is Spiritual Balance and Life Balance?

Ancient Wisdom, featured
  Spiritual balance and life balance are an understanding of being content in your material world as well as your spiritual world. Think of this balance as an integer chart, if you are too far too the left then you are buried in material, if you are too far to the right then you're head may be in the clouds and are unable to complete your duty in this world. 1. Mind, Body and Soul Spiritual balance - to understand how to achieve┬áspiritual balance in life, we have to first understand what elements in ourselves we have to work on to get to that place. Remember balance is found within not without. Our entire presence on this earth is made up of these three simple things. Mind, body and soul. Think of it like this, It is our body which feeds our mind. So therefore we have to trea

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