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Vegan Diet, Getting The Nutrients You Need.

Vegan Diet, Getting The Nutrients You Need.

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One would think that a vegan diet would be one of the healthiest eating habits that one can maintain. However there are many challenges to holding down an all fruit and vegetable diet. The most difficult part about going vegan is not being able to get all the nutirents and supplements that meat based foods provide. Here are just a few of the nutrients that you may be missing in your non-meat, non-dairy lifestyle. We also provide a few vegan supplements to help you out. 1. Vitamin D in a Vegan Diet Countrary to what the old timers told you, milk is not the best source of vitamin D. The best food sources to get your vitamin D is from fatty fish (Tuna, Salmon and Makrel). However food is not a very good source for there are very small amounts of vitamin D in most of these food sourc

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