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What’s the best VR headset to buy Freefly VR vs Gear VR

What’s the best VR headset to buy Freefly VR vs Gear VR

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2016 has now come to an end and the push for virtual reality headsets by companies like HTC Vive, Gear VR and Sony have already been tested in the holiday season's "Advertising new product" testing range. If you didn't pick up a headset yet or are still on the fence then don't worry, You're still in the game. The playing field for the best headsets are still fair game to anyone and this type of competition is only going to make things better. Let's begin with a brief reference to where VR consumerism has taken us up to this point. If you have purchased a phone in 2016, Android or Apple then you were at one point probably offered a free VR headsets to go with it. Or at least one at a discounted price. These are drop-in headsets for your iPhone or Android and areĀ attached to the back of t

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