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Essential Oils vs Aroma Oils What’s the Difference

Essential Oils vs Aroma Oils What’s the Difference

Ancient Wisdom, featured
Essential oils and aroma therapy have become very popular over the past decade or so. But they have always been around. Not only were they valued for their medicinal purposes, but also had spiritual meanings as well. The use of essential oils can be dated back as far as 18,000 B.C in the Dordogne region of France as well as 4500 B.C Egypt. In Egypt each fragrance was associated with a specific God. Some of the scents were even smelled on mummies upon excavation. However we may be more familiar with the Indian use of essential oils in the ancient practice of Ayur Veda. This practice has been done for more than 3000 years, in which they incorporated essential oils into their healing elixirs. In fact the use of essential oils have been seen in almost every ancient culture as a fo...

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