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I Think I Am a Starseed, is That Weird?

I Think I Am a Starseed, is That Weird?

Ancient Wisdom, featured
Starseed is only a term to understand the origin of a soul. We are all from somewhere and not all starseeds are the same. So this and any other explanations out there can define any one of us. YOu know who you are... From a very early age I've always felt that I was different. I felt as if the world was a dream and I was just passing through it. I was also always more connected with spiritual than the material world. My connection with God was always there as well. My parents converted to Islam when I was 5 and it was very easy for me to understand God as an infinite "thing". It is hard to put in words that God was not a person place or thing and that even energy was created by God. medianet_width = "728"; medianet_height = "90"; medianet_crid = "911743742"; median...

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